Rainbow of Glowing Hearts: The Tale of the Healing Tree

Bringing to life, magical alternate realms where kids will find healing and solace through reading

What our readers are saying

Rainbow of Glowing Hearts is a great read for children, for parents and for caregivers wanting to spend precious quality time with little ones. Through the wonderment of nature, with thoughtfully chosen words, a play on rhymes, stunning graphics and the author’s depth, it catapults readers into the world of imagination. Where the imagery takes its readers is key! Indeed, this is a wonderful read and I’m looking forward to where the author will next take us.

Denise Campbell

This book is beautifully written, the story is compelling and the illustrations are vivid and beautiful. The pictures not only explain the story, they transport you directly to the place and the colors are vibrant.


I highly recommend reading this book aloud to capture it's true magic & wonder! I love how the words rhyme as they tell such an cute inviting story. We should all love to escape in nature, take it all in & feel it's superpowers. What a delight to read & the colourful vivid illustrations are simply incredible, your children will be captivated!

J Darren Davies

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